8 minutes to locate sales-losing friction in your Shopify store

When you’re not getting enough sales in your Shopify store, it’s time to look at how you’re asking your customers to buy.

When was the last time you browsed your store, read everything on the page, and actually shopped?

It’s probably been a while right?

Do a Google search for one of your top selling products.

Find your store in the sea of search results.

Read the product page.

Browse to your about us and shipping pages.

Ask yourself? Would I be comfortable giving my credit card to this company?

If not why? What stopped you?

This is the most basic store review process there is. It’s not ideal and has many flaws.

But it’s fast, cheap, and if you’re honest with yourself you’ll find at least one thing that is causing friction and losing you sales.

Did you notice how little space your add to cart button takes up on your product page? Or did you notice how much scrolling you had to do in order to find your add to cart button after reading everything?

I built Sticky to solve that for any Shopify store.

Make your Shopify Add to Cart button sticky so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action for mobile and desktop.