Improve your customers for the long haul

This year the garden has been yielding so-so.

Some plants are crazy productive (tomato, kale) while others failed (spinach) or grew slowly (lettuce, potato).

It makes sense though. This is the first year for most of it and the second year for the rest, so the soil and ecosystem as a whole is still new.

Over time it'll improve and the work I've put in now will accumulate benefits later on.

The work you're putting into your store has the potential to accumulate benefits too.

If you're building up good customer behavior, that can pay off over the coming months and years. Customer service, promises made and kept, and ongoing educational marketing all add up benefits over months and years.

Saying the course and being consistent is key though. Many times people give up when they see weak short-term results and never get to the long-term ones. It's like pulling out an apple tree after a year because it didn't make any fruit.

Analyzing your customers, orders, and products with Repeat Customer Insights can help find which marketing strategies attracted the best customers over the long-term.

Eric Davis

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