New Tool: Metrics evaluator and advice

It's difficult to get advice about how your Shopify store performs. Shopify gives some performance data ("in the top 5% of stores") but it's flawed from what I've seen of the measurement. Even hobby-sized stores can break into their "top 10%".

For Repeat Customer Insights I dig into industry reports, studies, and other sources of data to try to pull of gems and benchmarking data. That all gets coded into the app as Insights.

I'm happy to announce that now you can get some of those Insights for free. I've built an Insights tool where you can enter your metrics and have them run through the same Insights system that powers my app.

You'll want to use Shopify's reports to collect the metrics or calculate them yourself. Then fill out fields in the tool and have it analyze your metrics.

Though this tool uses the same Insights as in Repeat Customer Insights, it's limited by the metric data you give it. The app has access to more raw data so it can calculate dozens of more metrics, segments of different set, and also compare performance over-time. But this tool can get you started to compare your store's performance.

My plan is to add more Insights to Repeat Customer Insights, which will also show up in this tool.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

Eric Davis

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