Offer your repeat customers your best deals

This past weekend we were browsing a small artist street market.

Some prints caught Ilana's eye and after talking with the artist, we ended up buying one of each at a deep discount. Originally she was considering getting a couple but walked away with 25 prints.

The artist ended up with a large order and she got more than enough art for her new office and gifts. All said, it was a good morning for both of them.

This sort of custom deal-making is difficult to do online. Sure you could configure price breaks, bundles, or discounts but that'll require forethought and planning. Then you'd have to figure out how to communicate that to buyers without tanking your regular conversion rates.

What can work is to create custom discounts for your best customers. Instead of sending a boring 10%-off coupon to everyone, send your best customers 20%-off or a free gift with purchase code.

Who you consider your best customers can vary. Say you want some large orders, then target customers who've placed large orders in the past. Say you want fans who have been ordering for years, then target customers with a high number of orders going back to your early history.

You don't need to define rules, workflows, or automations for this. Keeping it manual is perfectly fine:

  1. Decide who should get the offer
  2. Import or segment them in your email app
  3. Send them the offer

If you need help deciding who should get one of these special offers, Repeat Customer Insights provides segments and targeting advice for each of the 30 or so Automatic Segments. I'd recommend starting with the two VIP segments and the Loyal segments, they have the best chance to have a high return.

Eric Davis

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