Doing it yourself isn’t always a bad idea

Recently I built something all by myself.

I use a desk mounted boom arm for my microphone while on video calls and recording various things.

Recently I had the great idea of moving my webcam so it’s attached to the boom. Otherwise it’s too high on the top of my monitor (think aerial shot) or too low on my desk (think looking up my nose).

I tried to find something online where I could mount the camera next to my mic but nothing I found would work. They were either too complex or built for professional movie cameras which was overkill.

So yesterday I took a trip to the local hardware store.

After rummaging through a dozen bins I cobbled together a bolt, a clamp, and some nuts. Put them all together and for $2.71 I had a stable and streamlined mount for my webcam.

I’ll be testing it out next week on a video call with a friend but from what I can tell, it should be perfect. It’s even move-able and semi-portable if I wanted to re-position it or put it someplace else.

Sometimes doing it yourself ends up the best thing to do. But no way would I try this on something more complex.

I know my limits and I know when I should hire someone else or buy a pre-made product.

If you’re having trouble building your own structured data on your Shopify store or don’t even know where to start, I’d recommend installing JSON-LD for SEO.

It a few minutes you’ll have a complete set of structured data setup for your store and will be on your way to getting more traffic and better converting traffic.

Eric Davis

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