Linked Accounts to connect multiple Shopify stores

Linked Accounts lets you connect two or more Repeat Customer Insights accounts together. You can think of them as a quick account switcher, where you don't have to logout and re-login to each account.

Paired accounts

Each account link connects a pair of accounts. When logged into one of those accounts, you'll be able to see the other accounts it is paired to and be able to switch to them.

Account security

Security-wise, the Linked Accounts use the same security procedures as regular accounts. A valid Shopify login is required in order to connect or switch to an account, so you don't have to worry about unauthorized users getting access.

No data is shared between the accounts either, the individual store's data is kept isolated.

Linking accounts to form a hierarchy

A Linked Account's links don't automatically link which will let you control who has access to what. Confusing wording, but an example makes it clear:

Say you link your Global Store to each of the other stores (US, EU, Wholesale). When you're logged into the Global Store you can see all three of the other stores. When you're logged into the other stores though, you only see the Global Store and none of the region-specific stores because they aren't linked (e.g. no US to EU link).

This partitioning when combined with your Shopify accounts can make for a strong division of access.

Market to your customer's timing

Figure out how long customers wait in-between purchases and you have a key component for your marketing timing. This is the basis of the Average Latency metric and Order Sequence Report in Repeat Customer Insights.

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