Make your redesign worth it

This week I released an updated design for Repeat Customer Insights.

(You can see some screenshots in the app page if you don't have an account).

I've felt the need for a visual redesign for awhile now. Especially since the Shopify-like design library I used was no longer maintained or kept up with Shopify's design. It was stuck on that old purple design from a couple of years back and I wanted to branch out away from Shopify's visual design.

Plus with the new reports and metrics I've been adding to the app, I was running out of space and the mobile view was suffering from design bugs.

It took a few weeks to redesign the app but for me the benefits are worth the cost.

That's important to keep in mind as we enter the Redesign Season (that time of the year that many stores schedule redesigns)...

Redesigns come with a high cost. Not just in the work and labor from the designers but that they can throw away a lot of hard-won business gains. Drops in SEO traffic, conversions, and increases in customer support questions are all real post-redesign costs that a lot of stores get surprised by.

If the benefits of the redesign are worth it, and aren't just for VIP egos, then they can be profitable changes. They shouldn't be made on a whim though.

Since Repeat Customer Insights is a software app, the main costs for the redesign are with customer support. Well worth the improvements in the usability (and it unblocks a few other visual features).

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