The season to get everything ready for the year

After the winter holidays I like to spend time to clean things at the start of the next year. That means January and February are mostly focused around maintenance and getting things easier to work on over the next several months.

With the holidays and most holiday returns done, now is a good time to cleanup things in your organization too. It's not just physical cleanup but also processes, code, marketing offers, inventory, and workflows.

It's not as fun as growth or building something new, but it's necessary over the long term.

As chefs say, mise en place.

Eric Davis

P.S. One of the big cleanups for Repeat Customer Insights is the insights system that gives your store advice based on your specific metrics. The most recent cleanup sped it up and I'm expecting a few significant updates to be ready later this year.

How do your products determine customer behavior

In Repeat Customer Insights the Customer First Product analysis will measure customer behavior based on the products each customer first ordered.

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