Use a holiday to your advantage

Some holidays like the upcoming Valentine's Day can be tricky to use in your marketing.

Some brands should 100% be taking advantage of any given holiday. If you sell candy, Valentine's Day is an easy win.

For other brands, some holidays are off-limits. If you sell burial services, having a Valentine's Day campaign will be very difficult (if not creepy). Though you might be able to do something with Frankenstein's monster...

For everyone else, a holiday campaign might work or might not. A lot will depend on how you position it.

What I'd recommend is to build out a promotion calendar that has all of the holidays on it. Then figure out how many solid campaigns you can build and launch in a year and sprinkle them throughout the months.

Then you can see if there are any holidays in the gaps between campaigns. e.g. if you have a gap in February and a spare campaign, give Valentine's day a shot and see how it does. But if you're planning to be in the middle of your Black History month campaign, just skip Valentine's day.

These calendars are great to create once a year when you're planning out your year, but you can do them anytime.

You also might go hunting for odd holidays.

Speaking of which: happy International Darwin Day and National Poop Day (I hope they are not related).

Eric Davis

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