Reduce customer service costs with a New Customer Welcome campaign

One benefit of a New Customer Welcome campaign is that it can cut down in customer service requirements.

Note: requirements, not the quality.

The point of these campaigns is to get a customer familiar with your store, products, etc. A big part of that is education and teaching them how things work.

The campaign should answer a lot of FAQs they have. Ideally that'll reduce the number of customer service requests for the basic information.

When you're building out the campaign make sure to sprinkle those answers throughout the emails where they make sense. For example, the first one should have information about packing and shipping while one that goes out after two weeks might include how to best use or maintain the product itself.

If you have a customer service team, use their knowledge and adapt any templates to help fill out your welcome campaign. Think of this as proactive customer service.

Eric Davis

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