Monday Morning Metrics: see how your Shopify store performed last week

This morning, customers of Repeat Customer Insights received a nice present in their email inbox.

They’ve gotten the first Monday Morning Metrics report.

Monday Morning Metrics is a new feature of Repeat Customer Insights that serves to highlight and celebrate how your Shopify store did last week.

Its focus is on new and repeat customers but it includes some store-wide metrics too.

It shows

  • Total sales
  • Number of customers who placed an order
  • Amount new customers spent
  • Amount returning customers spent
  • Average Order Value
  • Percentage of customers who are repeat customers

Think of it as a weekly report card your store brings home.

By sending this report out every week, I’m hoping to make it easier for stores to watch and follow their metrics.

Which hopefully will let them be more proactive with their store and actually use metrics for decisions. Instead of the regular metric coping process: "look at metrics", "see they are low", and then "avoid all metrics".

Here’s a sample of one week’s report.

If you’d like to get your own Monday Morning Metrics report, signup for Repeat Customer Insights and it’ll automatically send it to you every Monday morning.

And you’ll be able to see last week’s report too.

Eric Davis

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