One of the best investments of 2018

There’s an investment you can make this year that has the chance to get you a 10x, 100x, or maybe even a 1,000x return.

It will take a few hours of time at first but the payoff will be worth it.

It is…


Those little bundles of dead tree (or atoms).

It might seem silly but, when was the last time you really looked at the value that a single book can produce for you?

As a business owner or even an aspiring business owner, spending $20-50 and a few hours on a book could have an influence on the rest of your life. Even if all you get from a book is just a single, simple idea, it’s probably paid back your investment.

That’s why I’m such a heavy reader.

One thing I’ve decided to do for you is to start pulling out the best ideas from books I’ve read and sharing them with you.

These won’t be book reviews at all, just a single idea from a book.

Some ideas will be simple. Some complex.

My hope is that you’ll get a wider perspective on ecommerce, business, and everything else. Wider than just I can provide.

Eric Davis

P.S. One example: A few weeks after building the Customer Purchase Latency algorithms in Repeat Customer Insights I happened across a book that described the same algorithms. Instead of using code, it used complex data exporting, Excel, and manual work. That book has since taught me more about customer segmentation than any other source. It’s also helped me call BS on some of those "AI" startups that promise to increase your sales.

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