Find the most loyal customers in your Shopify store

I'm frequently asked how a Shopify store can find their most loyal customers using Repeat Customer Insights.

There are two options:

  1. The Recency-Frequency (RF) Grid measures customer loyalty and organizes your customer base into ten segments. Focus on the Loyal, VIP (RF), and Potential Loyal segments. Each segment can be zoomed in on to see which customers belong to them and what marketing recommendations I have.

  2. The new Who Are Loyal Focus Page goes deeper into the RFM analysis to measure and graph who are your most loyal (VIPs) and Above Average. This option is better because it includes how much those customers are spending.

Which one to use will depend on your store size and what you want to do once you find the loyal customers.

The Customer Grid gives you a wider range of customers along with ones who are borderline (potential loyal customers as well as defecting loyal customers). That's best if you're building a marketing campaign or something to try to improve their buying behavior.

The Focus Page is better if you're wanting to know who are loyal right now and track the growth them over-time. It's more suited to a dashboard or information radiator.

Eric Davis

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