The all-important November and December customer cohorts

Today marks the start of a new customer cohort.

Customers who ordered last month fall into the November cohort which are usually the early shoppers of the holiday.

December's customers will be the remaining holiday shoppers along with a few minor groups (e.g. self-gifters, the end-of-the-year business shoppers, etc).

While the two months overlap a bit, it's easier to think about them as distinct groups. That makes any analysis easier to perform and turn into action.

If your Shopify store follows the classic holiday shopping cycle, you'll likely see a large number of new customers last month and this months. Some stores might even see the majority of their new customers for the year coming from these two months.

That makes the November and December cohorts extra important to review. Not only for the business as-a-whole but also as a way to boost their performance outside of the holiday season. What happens in these two months can heavily influence next years revenue.

Measuring how the cohorts perform now and over the next year is important, as well as comparing them to past years. Repeat Customer Insights will automatically assign cohorts to each customer and track their performance throughout their lifecycle for you.

Eric Davis

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