Finding your 1% customers

Finding your best customers and keeping them is a simple, yet powerful retention strategy.

A really useful outcome of using RFM analysis is that it can tell you exactly who they are. With a 1 to 5 scoring model, like what my Shopify app uses, customers scored with 555 are the top 1% of your customer base.

They've ordered recently so they are still active. They've ordered the most times. They've spent the most in their customer lifetime.

I wouldn't be surprised to see these customers accounting for a large portion of your sales overall.

These are the 1% customers you want to do whatever you can to keep.

Eric Davis

Learn which products build the best customers

Find which products create the most valuable customers with the First Product Analysis in Repeat Customer Insights. It goes beyond your best sellers by looking at long-term purchasing and retention behavior of your customers.

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