Using unexpected good weather when it comes

We've had a bit of nice weather here for the past four days. Sunny days, temps in the 70s, and general all-around nice feeling days.

During that time I managed to squeeze in some caulking around the exterior of the house. It was a project I've been needing to do since last fall but It needs a full, warm day to dry.

I was only able to work on it because I had all the tools and supplies ready and at hand. That meant I was able to get out first thing and make a ton of progress this weekend.

I'll need to do a second or third round later on but we'll benefit from the first pass until then.

With your marketing and customer retention, your tools and supplies are your marketing campaigns and analyses. If you take the time to get campaigns ready and updated before they are needed, when you have an opportunity to use them you can benefit. That might mean an early or extra launch to take advantage of a trend.

At a minimum you should have your main campaigns for each year planned out and ready to go except for the specific offers (e.g. coupon code). A growth calendar can help a lot with knowing what you need and when.

Eric Davis

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