There's only two ways to optimize your Shopify store

There are innumerable optimizations you can try in your Shopify store.

But boiled down they all fall into two groups:

Optimize your images to make them smaller and load faster? Removing negative (the time for the page to load).

Upsell a product on your cart page? Adding positive (larger order sizes).

Setup abandoned cart emails? Removing negative (cart abandonment) while adding a positive (more orders).

Negatives are usually easier to spot. They are problems, friction, or waste that gets in your customer's way. You find them, remove them, and things will improve. Removing negatives are often incremental improvements though they can be significant improvements.

Positives are harder to spot. Often they are found by seeing what's missing, which comes from experience and education. Using the examples above, you'd never know you were missing an upsell or abandoned cart unless you've seen those before in other places and notice you don't have them.

Yet adding positives can have a dramatic improvement that you'd never achieve with removing negatives.

A healthy improvement plan will account for both types and as well as improvements that combine them.

When you're looking for improvements around getting your customers to come back and buy again, Repeat Customer Insights will analyze your data and give you recommendations based on the customer behavior.

Eric Davis

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