Injecting personality into your marketing

Happy Friday the 13th. Especially so since it's October, it can be an extra spooky one.


Over the years I've had a lot of people compliment me on how my emails are written and the personality they have.

You can learn too, just take my course for... just kidding.

But seriously, a big part is to figure out how you want to sound in your writing and to not take it too seriously. That might be through making a ghost joke around Halloween, writing in Buzzword-Jargon to setup a contrast, or just breaking every grammar rule school taught you.

It takes time to "find your voice" as the brand marketers call it, but while you're searching you can accomplish quite a bit.

Use today's holiday (Friday 13th), Halloween, or another holiday and send your customers something funky. It doesn't have to be all buttoned-up. Think more "human" instead of "professional marketer".

Practice and hone the of skill quickly creating emails and you might find more opportunities where your quickness pays off.

Eric Davis

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