Planning at the right time for the strongest growth

With autumn here now, I placed an order for several trees and berry bushes.

Even though I knew I wanted them back in spring, by waiting I'll get stronger plants that'll produce faster (fall and winter planting is best).

But it requires planning months ahead of time. Even then it'll be years before some start to grow food.

I hear a lot of Shopify stores who live week-to-week. It makes their marketing campaigns weaker and they miss a lot of opportunities as they become reactionary.

Other stores will plan 6-12 months in advance. By the time Black Friday rolls around they are already brainstorming what to try next summer.

Those are the stores you want to emulate as much as possible.

You might not need to plan a year in advance (and it could be counter-productive) but looking forward a few months can help you make better decisions now.

I know it's difficult in these times but eventually they'll end and you'll be thankful you got your store ready.

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Eric Davis

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