Explain your product redesigns to existing customers

I was browsing my what's new with the company who makes my running sandals. The sets I have are still working well but I was curious what changes they've made and if there was any benefit to upgrading.

I ended up having to dig around to find an old product and compare it by hand with the latest one. Turned out there are a handful of new options and an entirely new manufacturing process that may or may not be better.

If you redesign or refresh your product designs, consider creating a page that explains the differences to past customers. This page can be loaded with persuasion, as the typical reader will already be a customer that trusted you. They are just trying to get their bearings on your latest offering. You don't need to detail everything on that page, just the big differences between versions.

You could even re-use old product pages for this and link directly to the new versions with something like Linking Llama. This will also help catch past customers who were looking for product details (e.g. instruction manuals, specs) and didn't even know there was an upgrade.

Eric Davis

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