Promising the world, but only delivering 54%

We went to an open house this last weekend to get a better understanding of the area.

The house was listed at 1,750 sq feet but only 2 bedrooms so something seemed off.

Once we saw it, it was clear.

The agent decided to include a cramped unfinished basement as living space.

If you can count 6 foot ceilings, stained concrete, and an overpowering mold smell as "livable". Every other agent in this area doesn't.

Over 800 sq ft wasn't actual living space, but that didn't stop them from adding that to the price and counting it as an extra bedroom.

The lesson here is that it's extremely clear to any buyer what this agent is doing. It might be legal, but it's going to look unprofessional, unethical, and color any relationship negatively.

In your own business, make sure you use good sales copy in your product descriptions and marketing, but don't get into the realm of exaggeration or hyperbole.

If you do you might be on the receiving end of complaints, chargebacks, or even worse.

Also if you've set your customer's expectations too high and fail to reach them, they might not complain but they'll tell others and won't ever buy again.

Once you fixed that, you could see your repurchase rate jump up (which Repeat Customer Insights can calculate for you).

Eric Davis

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