Testing your customer's experience with your Shopify store will be profitable

This week I was talking with a customer who uses some AMP app in Shopify.

The app was doing some things right SEO-wise but conversions-wise it had room for improvement.

The checkout process was a huge one.

The store enabled some of the accelerated checkouts like PayPal and Google Pay which can help conversions.

But those only showed up on the regular product page. The AMP page only had the basic Add to Cart and regular checkout.

Using that AMP app ended up being counter-productive: mobile users would get a faster webpage but would be forced into a slower checkout.

Maybe this is an option the customer needed to enable in the AMP app or maybe it needed some custom coding. But they've been using it for a year now so I suspect they didn't realize there was a checkout problem.

This reinforced how important it is to test your purchasing flows all the time.

At the very least, someone should be browse, buy, and checkout in your store each month using a mobile device and a desktop device. Same for every significant theme change (not just new themes) and whenever a new app is installed.

It might sound boring but you'll be happy you did it the first time you catch a blocking bug.

You don't have to be guessing in the dark when it comes to your customers. Using their existing behavior, Repeat Customer Insights shows you patterns and places to optimize your Shopify store, leading to more and better repeat customers.

Eric Davis

Use cohorts to find out who the best customers are in your Shopify store

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