Putting a backlog of valuable content to work

Earlier this year I got into the habit of publishing my daily Shopify tips to my website everyday.

I used to batch process them by scheduling articles written previously for the upcoming month. That meant by the time my website would have the article it would be almost a month old (and some were multiple months old and some were out-dated).

Then there would be times I'd get busy and behind on publishing them so there would be gaps online, even though I've continued to write every day for my email list.

But now that I have a consistent publishing process, I have 48 already written and emailed articles just sitting here.

Accumulating digital dust.

Having spider bytes little holes in them.

That's 22 articles that could help Repeat Customer Insights customers and 25 that could help JSON-LD for SEO customers. Some even are knowledge base articles that could help customers find their answers directly.

Articles like How to reengage defected loyal customers, How to identify, track, and retain repeat customers in Shopify, or Should you use many products or many variants in your Shopify store? which would be valuable to Shopify store owners (and to Google via SEO).

So I've started to publish that backlog in addition to my new articles.

I'm not sure exactly yet if I'm going to publish them as I go ("12 new articles today") or set a schedule for them to come out over the next two months. It'll probably depend on how much time I get.

I'd bet you have content you've been holding onto in your store without publishing it. A half-finished blog post or some customer service emails that you repeat over and over... Try to see if you can publish those now before you get even busier and start reaping the rewards (SEO, customer service, etc).

They don't have to be perfect to be useful to someone and valuable.

Eric Davis

Use cohorts to find out who the best customers are in your Shopify store

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Repeat Customer Insights will automatically group your customers into cohorts based on when they first purchased. This will let you see how the date customers bought would impact their behavior.

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