Are your repeat customers too shy to buy or are you not building enough trust?

Yesterday my daughter got to meet her new kindergarten teacher for an evaluation.

She's naturally shy so it took a few minutes to warm up. But when she did, she acted like her normal self. Her mom and I were watching from the doorway and by the end of it she was talking and bouncing around like usual.

But it always takes her a few minutes to trust someone new.

Your customers are the same.

When they first meet your store, they might be skeptical and slightly worried.

Is this store legit?

Does this product work?

What if something goes wrong with my order?

Eventually some people will get over this enough to place an order with you, but that doesn't mean they completely trust you yet.

How you act from then on will be a critical factor in the customer relationship.

Will you do things they enjoy and delight them?

Or will you treat them just like a neutral transaction?

Or will you abuse their trust and screw them over?

How you treat them and their order is up to you. I'd recommend the delight option, as it'll always benefit you.

If you're not sure how customers are reacting, one way to get solid proof of this is to look at their buying habits.

If they buy once and then leave, you're probably not treating them well enough.

But if they buy and buy again. And again and again... then you can be confident that you're giving the service they desire.

The Repeat Purchase Rate metric from Repeat Customer Insights can make this easy to track. It's broken up by the number of orders a customer has placed so you'll be able to compare new customers against your best repeat customers and all of the groups in between.

Eric Davis

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