Speeding up your Shopify store’s indexing in Google

In order for your pages to show up in Google, they have to be indexed.

Indexing is a process Google uses to read the content on a page, analyze it, and save a copy of it’s analysis into their database.

Once a page has been analyzed it can show up in the search results.

So getting new pages indexed quickly will help them to show up in the search results.

One way to speed up indexing is to add more links to more of your pages, both internal (your site linking to your site) and external (other sites linking to your site).

Google sees those as "votes" for what pages are important and they’ll in turn want to index the more important pages more often.

Shopify’s homepage? It’s probably getting checked every few minutes for changes.

Product page for a new store that was setup yesterday? It might take weeks or months before Google knows it’s even there.

It’s interesting that much of SEO continues to come back to two core things, indexing including,

  1. Get more higher quality links to a page
  2. Make the page a better resource for searchers

This holds true for rankings, Rich Snippets, and just about everything in SEO.

That’s why we covered it as part of the fundamentals section of Shopify SEO: Simplified.

Eric Davis

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