How to show appreciation to your best customers

A Shopify store using Repeat Customer Insights asked recently:

I would also love suggestions on how to reach out to and show appreciation to my best customers.

Gifts, discounts, VIP access, and thoughtful notes are usually the best options to send to your VIP customers. You want VIPs to feel appreciated and happy to recommend your store to people.

The specifics of which one to use and how will depend on how you've built your brand. Some brands don't discount so that rules out some options. Others are setup for time-limited flash sales so early access for VIPs would be a great incentive. Others are able to split up their products into single use/servings which work wonderfully as free samples.

When you and your employees buy anything, pay attention to how those companies handle things. I see a lot of people using coupons but very few giving VIP access or samples. Thoughtful notes are even more rare.

Eric Davis

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