Snacking your way to a better converting Shopify store

I’ve been wanting to snack on veggies more often so I ordered 25 pounds of carrots.

(Sounds like the setup for a joke right?)

The problem was that they still needed too much prep work to snack on them (washing, trimming, cutting, etc).

Not hard, just enough friction to divert me to my hot chips.

[Hot chips personal recipe: 1 bowl of tortilla chips, drench in Franks hot sauce, enjoy with a tissue and a huge bottle of water]

Then I heard about preparing a bunch of carrots at once and storing them in a jar filled with water. And it worked brilliantly.

I can prep a weeks worth of carrot snacks each weekend in a few minutes and they are easier to grab day-to-day than even hot chips.

Removing the effort to prep each carrot as I wanted a snack eliminated the friction and got me over the behavior change hill. Now I’m eating carrots all the time.

When your customers try to buy, they run into all kinds of friction in your Shopify store. All they want is a carrot snack but some stores require them to grow their own carrots, harvest, clean, and chop them before they even get their snack. That’s why conversion rates are often so low.

There are 1,000s of ways to remove friction and improve your conversions but not all of them will apply. You need to know which ones to apply when and which ones to ignore. A/B testing can help with that if you have the traffic and if you have the time to run statistical tests (not everyone does).

Alternatively you can consider using Ilana’s Website Rescues. She has a solid set of ways to remove friction and get your customers their carrot snacks. I mean… get your customers to convert.

Eric Davis

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