But will you do it?

But will you do it?

That's a question a lot of people miss when they go looking for marketing ideas.

Yes advertising can work, but will you do it?

Yes social media marketing can work, but will you do it?

Yes an advertising based content marketing system that uses retargeting and behavioral paced content delivery can work, but will you do it? (and can you figure out where the doohickey and the thingamajig go?)

For a lot of people the thought of writing an education-based email everyday like these sounds impossible. For me, it's about 20-60 minutes of writing, probably less time I'd spend on social media marketing.

Try a bunch of things. See what works. See what you can get yourself to do with effort, and what you can easily do.

Most important of all, see if you can keep doing it over the long-term.

Because if you won't do it, it's not worth keeping.

To get ideas on which marketing sources are the most effective, look at your customers and how they are ordering. If you have Shopify and a traffic analytics system like Google's, that's a rich source of ideas.

Repeat Customer Insights can also look at your sales channels to figure out how customer buying behavior changes from source to source.

Eric Davis

Analyze your customer behavior

A quick and automatic way to measure your customer behavior is with Repeat Customer Insights. It'll automatically import your Shopify data and run a number of analyses to highlight different customer behavior.

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