Spare a watt for a neighbor?

For the first time in 3.5 years, I came close to not getting a Shopify Tip out.

Portland had some unprecedented levels of wind storms that started on Monday afternoon and have taken out hundreds of trees in the area.

In the city of trees, that means lots of power outages. By last count there were over 100,000 customers who have lost power for the last 48 hours.

Including us.

My regular business continuity includes some battery backups and rationing for the computers and internet but they’ve been almost drained by now.

All-in-all it’s no big deal. We’re safe, we have water, we have food, and plenty of things to keep busy (board games, books). It’ll be an interesting story to talk about in the next few months.

But life (and 2020 specifically) sure does have ways of showing where you’re weakest at.

This outage found a few problems with our planning so we’ll be fixing them once things are back to normal.

Your business will has its own outages and problems. Deal with them first but make sure to take note so you can try to prevent or lessen the impacts next time.

That might be having a backup to put in place, it could be having a secondary process to use, or any number of things.

And if you are impacted by the Portland outage, the hurricanes, or any of the other emergency events going on right now… stay safe and take care.


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