Spread out your products and use as much space as you need

This week I've been working on updating the Shopify app pages for JSON-LD for SEO and Repeat Customer Insights.

Shopify limits just about every field on there so I have to be brief and don't have the space to both explain what the apps do and answer frequent questions.

On my own website there are no limits. I can use however much space I need. If an app is complex and I want to help educate customers on how it works, I can (and do).

But since I'm limited on Shopify's website, I've had to rely on question data I've collected to decide what's worth including and what to skip. If there are a lot of questions around cohort analysis, then I'll want to update the page to highlight that. Similarly if RFM sees a spike due to a popular podcast highlighting it, making sure that's mentioned would be good. In order to do that though, I have to know which parts to remove.

In your store you don't have any limits either. You can (and should) use as much space as you need to describe your products. Make sure to answer all of the frequent questions customers would have. Mine your customer service data if you're not sure.

If you're not taking advantage of the wide open space on your product page, you're definitely losing customers.

Eric Davis

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Topics: Copywriting Product pages

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