Spring clean your merchandise catalog

The past couple of months we've been cleaning out our basement for some construction.

This meant we've had to move and find places for all our "stuff". I found class assignments from when I was in elementary school in some of the boxes.

Needless to say, this was a major sort and purge of many things.

Now nearing the end we've reduced our storage stuff in about half. There's still a lot of heirlooms and keepsakes to go through but in the interest of time, we decided to delay picking through them.

Shopify stores, especially resellers, should be doing a similar cleanup on their products.

Just because you can sell 10,000 SKUs in your store doesn't mean you should sell 10,000 SKUs.

Often you'll have some merchandise that rarely sells. It's a distraction for customers, more line items in reports, and takes up warehouse space from more valuable products.

Do a spring cleaning sale and closeout those products.

If a product sells now and then but you're not sure if it's worth keeping, use the Nth Product Analysis from Repeat Customer Insights. It'll analyze each product and tell you how often it was bought in the key 1st-10th customer orders.

Then it'll tell you how those customers performed later. Did they ever come back? How much did they spend?

Eric Davis

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