Start planning for the 2020 holidays

I'm starting to hear rumors of some Shopify brands getting ready for the winter holiday season. Some are finishing redesigns and laying conversion improvements.

Perhaps you're one of them, but even if you're not it's probably a good idea to start thinking about your overall strategy.

When will you start your promotions?

What kinds of promotions will you run?

How will you entice repeat customers to purchase?

How about new customers?

What marketing channels will you use as your foundation?

What marketing channels will you experiment with? Can you start experimenting early?

You can probably use last years plan as a starting point if it worked well for you. You'll need to adapt it to the current economic and cultural climates but that'll be easier than starting from scratch.

The earlier you start thinking about this, the easier it'll be and the better your results.

When planning you can use various reports from Repeat Customer Insights to help your decision making.

The Customer Segmenting and Customer Grid can help you find which customers to target with campaigns. The Cohort Report will show you how prior holiday customers behaved in later months. The Customer Export will let you take all of those analyses and dig deep into the customer behavior.

Eric Davis

Measure your customer loyalty

Measure the different levels of customer loyalty with Repeat Customer Insights. It uses various models to segment and grade your customers based on their behavior.

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