Stay on the lookout for bite-sized improvements for your Shopify store

This week I setup a new tool that helps my software development and made one tweak to an existing tool that makes customer support easier.

Their cost is minimal, only needing time but both under an hour.

But they'll improve two of my core business processes. Processes that I do at least a hundred of times per month.

These improvements can come from anywhere.

The new tool was recommended by a friend months ago. The tweak I found last night by thinking "I wish Help Scout did X" and then searching through Help Scout's developer and setup documentation.

Together with dozens of other micro-improvements, these can end up paying large dividends over the long-term. That's why I save improvement ideas in a safe place and regularly go through them.

Back in Shopify-land, I'll bet there are features that Shopify, your theme, and your apps have that could improve your store. Features you might not even know about. Features that might have no documentation or any way to know about them other than stumbling on them.

I recommend setting aside a few minutes regularly (each month or so) and start going through various parts of your Shopify admin, theme settings, and apps. Maybe don't turn on and play with everything right now, but take notes of things that sounds useful. Also go through any documentation and scan the titles for summaries and ideas.

With those notes put someplace safe (e.g. a task list), you can work through each one to evaluate if it would be worthwhile trying out.

You'd be surprised at what you find.

Even though I write everyday, Repeat Customer Insights has parts that aren't documented yet. For example, did you know the app can email you and colleagues a weekly summary every Monday of your metrics? And that email also highlights your ten best customers who ordered that week?

That's been in place for one to two years now and I haven't mentioned it until today. Originally only the 1st best repeat customer, then the top 5, and was changed last year to be the top 10. Oh and it links to the customer details in Shopify automatically so you can jump right to them (e.g. to add a comment, tag them, or whatever else).

(Now that I mentioned it, I'll probably forget about it for another two years...)

Eric Davis

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