Email subscriptions for Store Analysis released

Customers of Repeat Customer Insights can now subscribe to the Store Analysis report and be emailed copies of the report automatically.

Email subscriptions were something I added awhile back. They have the app compile and send you reports automatically on a weekly or monthly schedule.

With this latest enhancement you can now subscribe to the Store Analysis. Included is the ability to set the date or Acquisition Source options to better tailor the report and email to your goals.

It's been a long path to get everything lined up and I have further to go (more reports) but this addition is a significant step towards helping everyone get more value out of Repeat Customer Insights' analyses.

If you're a customer already, this is already enabled in your account and you can signup for tomorrow's email in the app.

If you're not a customer, why not? What are you wanting out of a customer analysis system? Reply and let me know.

Eric Davis

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