Take an inventory of what's growing well around your Shopify store

With the weather improving, last weekend we took a plant inventory at our new house.

There are dozens of plants around the yard and we had no clue what half of them where. So with a plant identification app and a couple of hours of time, we photographed and documented every plant we had (with a few holdouts that the app missed).

Many of the plants are great but a few aren't good fits for the area and one is considered invasive (a large Norway Maple tree).

We still need to figure out what we'd want to do in the yards but by knowing what we are starting with, we can make better decisions and be able to reuse many of the plants.

Getting a baseline of where you are now is important in business too.

Are your customers reordering as often as it looks like?

Do they spend enough in each order to payback the marketing costs?

Are they even coming back to order again or just buying once and moving on?

Your gut might help you answer some of those questions but you'll want data to back you up. Repeat Customer Insights can collect and analyze your customer's purchasing behavior and give you the facts you'll need to see how you're actually doing.

Then you can make an informed decision about which parts of your business to rip out and which parts to fertilize for growth.

Eric Davis

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