Different uses of metric targets

I've been thinking about different uses of the new Targets feature in Repeat Customer Insights and came up with several ways Targets can be taken advantage of:

  1. Growth via improvements on your overall value.
  2. Setting floors for acquisition sources so sources that fall below it for too long are cut.
  3. Evaluation of new acquisition sources in a probationary period (e.g. try this for 3 months).
  4. Connecting multiple metrics together to reach larger, organization-wide goals. e.g. Average Order Value growth plus Average Orders per Month to hit new revenue goals.
  5. Growth of repeat customers and customer loyalty.
  6. Balancing new customer metrics vs repeat customer metrics.
  7. Making forcasted performance more visible in day-to-day operations.

Those uses, multiplied by the number of different metrics they could apply to can cover a huge number of long-term goals a Shopify store might have.

Eric Davis

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