The better way to find the popular pages in your Shopify store

Figuring out how online customers end up in your store is valuable. Find inexpensive sources that create the best customers and you'll be on your way to a sustainable marketing system.

Normally stores will look at the Site Content in Google Analytics to find which pages receive the most traffic. I'd argue that looking at the Landing Pages for that is better.

Site Content shows the most popular pages overall, but Landing Pages shows the first page a visitor loads. These are your pages that other websites are sending traffic to. It might be the homepage, a popular product page, or even a blog post you wrote 4 years ago and forgot about.

In other words: your Site Content are the popular pages in your store based on your site design and traffic. While Landing Pages are what pages are popular with other websites.

Both are valuable.

But too many people don't know or ignore Landing Pages.

When you do any sort of content, page, or SEO analysis make sure to look at the landing page metrics. There might be a significant difference between the two.

Once the customers are in your store and buying, you'll want to analyze their data so you can grow them into the best customers possible.

Eric Davis

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