The cupcake desire

We volunteered to bring cupcakes for my daughter's Valentines day party.

But we picked them up last weekend so there's been 36 yummy cupcakes staring me down all week.

Needless to say, it's been a rough week to keep my love of cupcakes at bay. I just want to express my love but I keep getting "that look".

When talking with your repeat customers you can tap into their cupcake desire too.

They've bought your products so they've already shown a clear desire to own and benefit from them.

You can reinforce their desires by talking about how they can benefit even more from the products.

How that's done will depend on your products.

If you sell cocktail dresses, you'll want to show ways your customer can wear the dress more often or what goes good with it (even if the accessories aren't your own products). Other customer photos or Instagram can work wonders here.

If you sell electric bicycles, you want to get them out riding more often and doing more things on or with the bike. Event descriptions, lesser known bike paths, and fun gear can all tap into that desire and reinforce it.

If you sell vegan cupcake mixes... well, you have it easy. Just send them to me.

(I really hope she has extra cupcakes to take home...)

The point is that your customers have already given you a lot of information about what they like and what desire buttons you can press.

It's up to you to be creative with them and go beyond the typical "SALE SALE SALE" marketing.

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze a ton of customer behavior data for you, chiefly around their buying cycles.

If you knew exactly when the majority of your customers were ready to buy again, you can really increase your orders just by tweaking your timing.

Eric Davis

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