The early birds catch the winter customers

Now that April is finally here, it’s time to start your holiday SEO.

Yes, I said April…

SEO takes so long to see results that if you want to see improvements for the 2019 holiday season, you need to start working on it now. Or last year. Or back in 2017.

I don’t mean dropping everything else to start posting your holiday landing pages to Pintweetbook.

I mean things like running a SEO audit, fixing broken links, and writing (or hiring out) production description content.

In SEO-land, you’re required to have such a long horizon that you need at least a six month leadtime for almost any lasting results.

So start now and take advantage of an extra month of scheduling slack.

Future-you will thank present-you.

This is also a great time to start using JSON-LD for SEO.

I’ve seen numerous changes from Google over the past few months that have hurt stores who are relying on their theme or some kitchen-sink SEO app for their structured data.

All while JSON-LD for SEO’s been producing new results for customers each and every week.

Giving your structured data the seven months before the holidays is plenty of time even for Google’s slow-moving algorithms.

Eric Davis

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