The Low-Energy list

Last week I caught the cold.

It started over the weekend, continued through the week, and finally started wrapping up the next weekend.

It's safe to say that I didn't make major progress towards my 2020 goals for Repeat Customer Insights or JSON-LD for SEO.

But I still made some progress including fixing an integration due to a review app changing their data.

Years back I learned to make a list of tasks that only require a little energy. That way when I'm sick or don't have enough energy to work on the big things, I can still get things done and feel a sense of accomplishment.

These tasks can be administrative stuff like filing and scanning papers.

But it can also be marketing and revenue-generating tasks like fixing up some alt tags and other SEO fields.

The important thing is to keep a running list of things that you can do without a lot of effort.

Some people like to turn on a movie and crunch through this list, which is another great usage.

Eric Davis

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