The garlic from beyond the solar system

I was thinking about what garlic to grow next fall and began browsing descriptions online. Last year my 1st and 2nd pick were sold out because I didn't plan ahead.

I came across one seller who has a bunch of new types, many from wild garlics they've been collecting and growing. One specific garlic caught my eye.

This garlic is called Yuggoth and is from the plant of the same name. Allegedly it's was brought here by Nyarlathotep and loved by both Cxaxukluth and the Mi-Go.


If you didn't recognize those names, Yuggoth is the fictional plant invented (discovered?) by H.P. Lovecraft whose fiction has inspired countless books, movies, and other creative works.

-> Yuggoth garlic, near the end of the page. (Please don't buy it all up before I get any...)

Most garlic sellers just describe the flavor, how to grow it, and a few will write about the variety's history. The fact that this grower named their garlic after a Lovecraft planet and wrote up a product description around that is unique in the gardening world.

The description alone helped cement my desire to grow this garlic and talk to others about the Lovecraftian garlic.

But that's not all.

Yesterday I was reading a research study on garlic rust and recognized this company by name in that paper. They were mentioned as having a rust-resistant variety which can help it survive and produce in bad seasons. That variety? The parent of Yuggoth.

A week ago I've never heard of this company or product before. Now after being entertained by the product description and seeing research showing their garlic are strong growers, I'm recognizing their brand and have a positive association towards them.

I'm not even a customer yet either.

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Eric Davis

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