Today’s tiny task: optimizing your product image alt text in Shopify

Today’s tip is around adding alt text to images.

Alt(ernative) text is a small amount of text that is used to describe an image.

It’s primarily used by screen readers for visually-impaired customers but search engines also use the content to better understand the image and rank it in the search results.

Shopify is good about adding alt text automatically to product images. But if you add any other images or don’t like the automatic text, you’ll want to customize it.

Editing the alt text on product images is easy and documented. For other images you’ve added to your product descriptions, you’ll need to double click on them in Shopify’s product editor to update the alt text.

Today’s tip is to take a couple of minutes to review your top two products. Make sure the alt text for the product images and any other images make sense.

Then if you find yourself with an extra minute or two over the next few weeks (haha), work on some additional products.

Over time these changes will add up in Google Search and could even get your images to start to rank in Google Image Search.

In addition to the image alt text, Google Image Search is also using the structured data on a page to add Rich Results for images like product images.

JSON-LD for SEO has the product data needed to receive those enhancements so if you don’t have it yet, it could help your image search results (and your regular ones too).

Eric Davis

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