Abandoning carts due to unclear shipping costs

The past couple of weeks I've been looking for a new floor cushion.

Between Etsy, Shopify, and big box stores I found a handful that would work and were in my price range. After debating the pros and cons of each, I settled on one from a Shopify store. Great size, great materials, and the price was high but acceptable.

By the time I got into checkout I found the only shipping method offered was almost the cost of the cushion itself.

Normally I'd check the shipping pages first but in this store, they had two. One blank, one with details that just says the cost is calculated at checkout.

Guess which one was linked to from the product page?

The shipping confusion, combined with bugs in checkout and Shop Pay pushed me past my limit and caused me to abandon the order. It's too bad, as I was looking at some other interesting products for a later purchase but they'd cost just as much to ship.

A better designed, thought-out, and bug-free store would have saved me time and frustration, and I bet there are other less-patient customers who abandoned even faster.

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Eric Davis

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