Updated recommended product review apps for Shopify

With Spring heating up competition for merchants, I’m having a lot more stores asking me for product review app recommendations.

Those apps can be a conversion booster for social proof but many where impacted by Google’s algorithm update last September/October.

Given the amount of (in)action I’ve seen by them, I’ve now updated my Recommended product review apps for Shopify article to mirror my current thoughts.

If you’re a JSON-LD for SEO customer, don’t skip over the final paragraphs with specific advice for you (tl;dr: my app and its integrations are still working and would keep your review data safe).

My recommendation changes are from the issues on stores without JSON-LD for SEO and the lower-quality support I’ve seen merchants receiving from many review apps for the past few months.

Hopefully a new leader or two will pull ahead of the pack and I can update my recommendation at that time.

Eric Davis

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