Using heading tags effectively in your Shopify store for better SEO

Someone was asking recently about heading tags with Shopify stores and how they work with SEO.

Google doesn’t care if you use h1 or h3 or h6s. They will consider the lowest ones on your page to be heading, next lower subheadings, and so on.

Even if you use h5 as your big headline, you can use h6 as a subheadline. Though it’s best to stick with h1, h2, h3, etc otherwise the design is fighting the natural browser sizing.

If you have your pick, my recommendation is:

Home page:

  • h1 as your main USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • h2 as a secondary or explainer for your USP
  • h3s as section headings (e.g. Popular Products, Features Products, Testimonials, etc)
  • h4s and lower for header/footer and other misc headings

Product pages:

  • h1 as product title
  • h2 as product subheading
  • h3s as section heading in the description and content
  • h4s and lower for header/footer and other misc headings

Collection pages:

  • h1 as collection title
  • h2s as collection subheadings (in collection content)
  • h3s as product titles
  • h4s and lower for header/footer and other misc headings

The h2s would be optional but are good ways to target secondary keywords without having to rename the title, url, or page handle (breaking the url and prior SEO).

And if your theme uses different ones that’s fine too, as long as they follow a hierarchy from that matches their importance.

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Eric Davis

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