Waiting at the starting line

Patience is one of the few things that isn't better in moderation.

For a few months I've been wanting to add a major feature to Repeat Customer Insights. When talking about it with one customer, they remarked that it would be a "game changer".

To add that feature I'd need to rebuild about half of the app's data and upgrade a handful of algorithms to support the new data.

Totally do-able.

But with 5 million customers and 8 million orders, it'll take awhile.

Which means I'll need to be patient.

Which is fine because this feature isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

If you'd like to get started with Repeat Customer Insights now, you might be able to guess what report this new feature is going to be added to.

I'll just say it rhymes with Catency Report.

Eric Davis

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