What a Las Vegas street solicitor can teach your Shopify store about personalization

One day while walking to dinner from MicroConf with a friend Max, someone called out:

"Hey Max, I got something for you"

Max, after hearing his name, stopped and looked around.

Turned out that it wasn't someone who knew him from the conference, but a street solicitor.

We continued walking but it was interesting.

What happened was that Max left his name tag on so in a split second this solicitor noticed his name and used it in his pitch.

This is a rather crude form of personalization.

Crude but it worked. It broke through the Las Vegas clutter of marketing messages and caught Max's attention enough for him to take notice.

He had zero desire for what they guy was selling but you need to catch someone's attention before anything else can happen.

In Shopify it pays to know your customers well. Figure out how they behave and your marketing can be ultra-targeted towards them.

One easy and simple customer behavior you can pick up with Repeat Customer Insights is how often customers are buying. This behavior, called latency, can be used to space out your promotions and reach customers at the optimal time for their next buying decision.

Eric Davis

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