What to do when things grow like weeds

Two of our tomato plants are growing like weeds.

So much so that I've trimmed off large branches and stuck those into some pots. Now a couple of weeks later, those branches have grown into full plants and are starting to make their own tomatoes. The other tomatoes we planted are nowhere near as productive (same variety too).

We're out of garden space so we're giving them away to neighbors.

It's a way to take advantage of unexpected growth and (our neighbors) benefit from results.

You want to start and measure many marketing campaigns. Most will do so-so, a few will bomb, but now and then you'll have a runaway success.

Keep that success running and look for ways to cut off branches to start new campaigns. You want to find out which parts caused the success and try to get a second one going. And a third.

Sometimes you can even take the exact same campaign and send it to another customer segment. There's 30ish automatic segments in Repeat Customer Insights, each with their own advice around campaigns and messaging to make it easy on you to quickly adapt a campaign to a new segment.

Just remember, one solid marketing campaign can provide the stability and backing needed for your store to grow to it's next level.

Eric Davis

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