When everyone else speeds up, slow down

Speed is often good.

Good for muscle cars.

Good for web performance.

Good for payment processing.

But with decision-making, speed is the source of many problems and will make small issues into big ones.

As people speed up decision-making they introduce errors.

Some might be trivial and not even worth correcting. Use Ave instead of Street in the shipping address and the shipping software will work like normal.

Some might cause enough damage that it's costly to undo. Reordering 10x your inventory by a stray digit in a PO might require a frenzy of calls, fees, or finding a temporary warehouse.

Other mistakes though... some are irreparable and you're out of luck if they are made. Forgetting to renew your domain name and losing it to an international competitor could spell the end of your store.

It's understandable that during a busy or stressful period, more mistakes will appear as decisions are rushed.

But that should serve as a warning bell to slow down.

Take your time.

Check for mistakes.

And if it's possible, fix other people's mistakes.

They might not even know you did it, but if a little effort can keep everything steady then it might be worth it. Especially when everyone else is plagued with problems.

That's one of the guiding principles I build into JSON-LD for SEO and Repeat Customer Insights whenever I can.

For example, a number of JSON-LD for SEO's integrations silently fix bad data coming from other apps because at the end of the day, if it can help you get Rich Results then it's worth the extra effort on my part.

That's why it's trusted by thousands of Shopify stores since 2015.

Eric Davis

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