Keep the working strategies and evolve the day-to-day tactics

With the pace of change going on, it's hard to believe that March and Q1 is almost over.

I've been writing about making plans around your business and Shopify store but I haven't shared much of mine.

My high-level business strategies are staying the same. They've been refined and matured over the years but even their immature versions carried me through the 2008/2009 housing recession with only a few bumps and bruises.

Which means most of the changes will be in the day-to-day tactics and messages.

I have confidence in my apps and the value they add. Both apps might be even be more valuable in a recession where it becomes more difficult for stores to sell to a customer. For example:

Rich Results from JSON-LD for SEO could become a required component of trust-building that every store needs.

The ability of Repeat Customer Insights to find the best customers becomes even more critical as customer loyalty and trust is shaken and spending tightens up.

I've even been considering having two different playbooks: one for when things are rosy (bull market) and one for when things are heading down (bear market).

But flexibility is key as changes can change rapidly. That's why they're changes.

We'll all have to see how the next nine months of 2020 unfold.

Eric Davis

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